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MP3 to Text Transcription using Express Scribe

If you’re offering MP3 to text transcription services to medical or legal firms or if you are a secretary and you need to transcribe a recorded interview, then we will tell you how you can do it for free with the help of Express Scribe transcription software.

Download the player for free and install Express Scribe transcription.

Once the software is installed, you will find a sample dictation file already loaded onto the software. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the controls and options to configure the program according to your needs.

From the main interface of the software, click the Settings button.

Express Scribe allows you to change or set many parameters such as seek back and forward the file, fast to control the application without using a mouse, set the use of a foot pedal (if you have one) key, the automatic loading of a folder from a network or an FTP server, choice of file types (more than 20 types allowed) engine configuration and voice recognition allowed.

When you already have made the settings you can play your first MP3 file. Depending on where you have stored it, either click “Load” (a window that lets you navigate to the directory where you have the file is opened), you can use “Load Now” if you have the software configured for a LAN or a server FTP) or “Dock” (if you have a digital dictation recorder or cassette you).

Select the MP3 audio file in the window of the main interface and you click the play button to start- If you want, you can slow down the playback using the speed control in the lower right corner. Above this control, you can also adjust the playback volume.

If you prefer to use Express Scribe float along with your word processor, you can choose Scribe Mini from the toolbar of the main interface. As the name suggests, this option is a miniature version of the application.

When you’ve finished doing the MP3 to text transcription of your MP3 audio files, you can either mark it as “Done”) (deleting the file from your list “or” Dispatch “(ships) (emailing who had originally sent the file with the file text while eliminating the audio file from your list. Take time to explore all the options of the application.

If you receive a noisy MP3 audio file, you can choose shoddy special processes of the audio file menu to try to clean it.

When Express Scribe receives an audio file, it stores it in C: Documents and Settings username Application Data NCH Swift Sound Scribe Current

If you have an MP3 audio file marked as “Done” but you want to load it again, you can use the option to “recover old files” from the File menu.

To conclude, you can make your MP3 to text transcription process easier using Express Scribe software. It will save a lot of your time and would help you provide accurate results. There are many other software programs that does a similar job, but nothing can come closer to Express Scribe in terms of effectiveness.

Locating the Best Vacation Rental Websites

Temple Delights at Meenakshi temple. Meenakshi temple or Tirualavai is a magnificent temple in the southern part of India and is on the banks of River Vaigai in the city of Madurai. A major temple in the state of Tamil Nadu this has goddess Parvati as the presiding deity and she is seen here with her consort Lord Shiva. For the best vacation rental websites click here. Here Lord Shiva is known as Sundareswar.

The Meenakshi temple is the mainstay of the city of Madurai and is around 2500 years old. The complex has gateway towers called gopurams and these have varied heights,. Some of them are as tall as 45 – 50 m high and in fact the tallest town is around 51.9 metres. There are two vimanas here made of gold and the temple is today a major symbol for all the residents of Tamil Nadu in this part of India. There are more than 15000 visitors coming to the temple and the present structure has been constructed sometime during the years 1623 to 1655. There are around 33,000 sculptures in the city and the temple is thus a magnificent attraction in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

Meenakshi temple
It is the main ritual head of the city of Madurai and is also one of the largest temple complexes in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. There are four entrances to the temple and these are according to the four directions. It is said that it was travel Vishwanatha Nayaak who redesigned the city of Madurai. The principles of the Shilpa Shastra have been adhered to in constructing the temple. It is very much like the urban planning of today. The city has been constructed in the form of a square and there are many concentric streets that end in the temple.

The squares have traditional names like the Aadi, Avani moola, Chittirai and Masi as per the names of the Tamil Months. It looks as if the streets are radiating out from a centre. So it is very much like a lotus with petals. The outer area of the temple is a place for the many festivals that are celebrated here in the lovely land of Meenakshi temple premises in Madurai. The complex is around 45 acres and the entire temple is a huge structure and has many gateway towers surrounding it. There are around ten gopurams the tallest of which is the very popular southern tower. It rises to more than a height of around 170 feet.

Health Benefits of Rice Vinegar

However, since GMO plants are made to tolerate spraying of pesticides and herbicides, the chemicals may very well be seen in unknown quantities from the oil. Therefore, if you use canola oil, go for organic, cold-pressed varieties only. Six whole, pitted, black olives, from canned, provide 270mg sodium, or roughly 12 percent from the recommended daily limit. To obtain a heart-healthy diet, it’s important to watch your consumption of sodium, even if it will come from healthful foods. Increase Muscle Size, Strength and Power Resistance training is the ultimate way to increase muscular strength, size and power. Should a stimulus including weight training is supplied, the muscles must adapt so as to repeat the movement at a later time. If they?re cooked with nutritious ingredients and minimum added salt, refried beans really are a healthy strategy to add protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates towards your meals. If you?re shopping for commercially prepared refried beans, read the nutrition facts labels carefully. Research indicates that regular moderate drinking (5-seven days a week) reduces probability of gallstones. In contrast, infrequent alcohol intake (1-2 days each week) showed no significant association with risk.

Consult your physician or other health care provider for tips on beginning an advantageous, life-long journey to the healthier, active lifestyle. Those who avoid meat can nevertheless adequately meet daily nutritional needs. Consuming saturated fats possesses a detrimental effects on your well being since it boosts the numbers of harmful cholesterol as part of your bloodstream. Obesity increases the possibility of cardiac event, stroke, arthritis, Type two diabetes and certain types of cancer. Therefore, avoiding refined and heavily processed food may help you maintain a healthy weight and even reduce your likelihood of chronic disease. However, based on ?The Complete Book of Food Counts,? the differences are certainly not great. Explore the soup menu for several different healthy choices. Consider the minestrone soup for just 90 calories or chicken noodle soup for just 100 calories then one gram of fat. Order your sandwich on 9-grain wheat bread or hearty Italian bread sneak a peek at this web-site www.nathealthtips.com. In a very 2005 study presented within the Radiological Society of Canada And America, researchers discovered that consuming two servings of caffeinated coffee improved short-term memory and reaction times.

means appetite control and energy. The product contains numerous ingredients, all of which have possible adverse reactions. Check with your health care provider prior to trying it. The power of diet can’t be overstated for your healthy lifestyle. People find the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they will need to function and thrive in the foods they eat, so choosing foods that offer the best of those components helps improve daily life. Compare that to 5,000 Scoville units for your average jalapeno, and you’ll realize why the Moruga Scorpion is reserved for the best seasoned pepper aficionados. Grain, legumes, low-fat dairy and low-fat proteins can also be excellent resources for nutrition. Add these types of food towards your diet to build balance. Don’t think that you will need to eat fruits and vegetables constantly along with everything you cook. Movie theater popcorn is likewise abundant in sodium, with just as much as 980 milligrams per medium serving. Some microwave versions of popcorn contain trans fats through partially hydrogenated fats.

Weight-bearing exercises can strengthen bones that become weaker at a staggering rate after menopause. If you have already developed osteoporosis, consult your physician in order that bone mineral density requirements are met before beginning a training regimen. In research published during the March 2005 issue on the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,” Grassi provided research subjects with 100 grams of dark chocolate for 15 days. After the 15 days, those that ate the dark chocolate had lower high blood pressure levels compared to the control group. Boost Mental Alertness Unsweetened ice tea contains caffeine, which will enhance your mental performance. It may get make you stay alert throughout the day and perform tasks more proficiently, even when you are not well rested, notes MedlinePlus. About one away from five men who develop the cancer have a close family history, as reported by the American Cancer Society. If you have: Trouble urinating. It could possibly mean: Stop blaming bladder shyness. Men aged 19 to 50 need about 38 grams of fiber on a daily basis, while women the exact same age need 25 grams, as reported by the Colorado State University Extension. Beans and vegetables are full off fiber and nutrients.

Dinner time does not have to become a battleground. At meals, it is advisable to give the kids milk as it is full off calcium, vitamin D and protein. Eyelashes deal with the eyelids to protect the eyes from foreign objects. Top of the lashes, which turn upward, as well as lower lashes, which turn downward, trigger a reflexive blink whenever foreign objects come next to the eye. They’re rich in fiber and vitamin e antioxidant and B vitamins, that assist convert food into energy. Additionally, whole grain products contain copper, a mineral that helps make red blood cells, and manganese, a mineral that can help form healthy bones. All teas — green, black and Oolong — naturally contain flavonoids, the natural antioxidants obtained in plants. This damage triggers the activities of satellite cells, that can help heal the injury and make stronger muscles. Muscle strength can also be gained while playing this game through running around the field, throwing the lacrosse ball while using lacrosse stick or performing checks in the field.

You Will Surely Love Freestanding Bath with Shower

Is it possible that you love freestanding bath than shower? That is really because unlike bathtubs that are modern, conventional, freestanding roll top baths make showering within the bathroom a little more complex.

Although roll top baths possess the trustworthiness to be cluttered due to their curved edges, it remains potential to truly have a shower installed over them also. A robust, looped shower curtain on a circular railing that go around and along either side of the washroom, also frequently called a fashion, will ensure the water runs in your washroom instead of throughout your toilet floors. Is it not that fantastic?

You are going to have two choices using the showerhead for freestanding bath. The showerhead will even have to be placed on the very best of the curtain railing to ensure the water does not go down the rear of the bathroom but instead runs down the drapes into the bathroom…


It’s definitely pleasant to get the choice of getting a bath, especially when it’s chilly exterior or following a trying day on the job although for quite a few, showers are a vital in the toilet! Bathrooms can also be useful as it may be difficult to allow children to shower for those who have them.

In regards to roll top baths yet, they can be ideal soaks for long timely, and by including a shower to the mixture, you’ll possess the best mixture of luxury and practicality.

The freestanding bath can have arch edges additionally makes children much more comfortable to climb out and in of, whether you’re having a shower or a tub. Adding for their practicality, they are smaller sizes and will be painted to complement the remainder of your toilet and available in big.

For people who choose for freestanding bath, their inclination is due to the fact that space surrounds the freestanding bath around it, and maybe under it also, it provides the chimera of space and makes the toilet appear considerably grander than it is before. For those who are having issues with deficiency of natural light a freestanding bath is an excellent option as you don’t make the room seem more boxy, and rather open it up.

The freestanding tub is remarkable, whether you select a contemporary, smooth-rock design or something more conventional like a claw foot bathroom that is freestanding. Freestanding bathrooms are naturally refined as well as their design adds a border that is attractive to your own toilet.

There’s no uncertainty a freestanding bath elevates the room from practical to stunning and in the middle of the area creates an astonishing focus in the restroom.

Now, your step is to begin shopping. There is no need for you to doubt if your decision to buying a freestanding bath is right or not. The most important is you will get the right product at a price that will not harm your pocket. The freestanding bath comes in design choices that will surely amaze you. Of course, price may vary but it is all up to you to make the decision. It is not always the price that will be considered. Your comfort is the top priority.

Motivated to Get into Medical Transcription Services

Hi, My name is Paris. I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and why I am looking into the career of medical transcription services. I have been in the medical field as a Medical Assistant for almost four years now. I am very comfortable and passionate about the medical field. I am recently married and expecting my first child. I know that I wanted to stay in the career zone that I am passionate about, but also be able to be a mother and a wife. How can I do that, and still be in the medical field? I have done a lot of research on medical transcribing from home and knew right away that it is what I am supposed to do with my life, for me and my family. I would love to be able to do what I am passionate about in a career and still be able to be a wonderful wife and mother at the same time. I do believe that a women who can do both and succeed at both, is a wonderful achievement.

Being able to give my 100% at both career and family, would be my life goal. Being in the medical field is such a rewarding experience. Not only in the selfish perspective for myself, but also others. Putting a smile on faces and reassuring and making patients feel at home and comfortable is what I learned to be very important. I have worked in many different fields, from Obstetrics to Oncology. Every field has its rewards and also has its challenges. What makes us who we are at our career and as a person? Being able to take every challenge at work and turn it into a learning experience and ultimately a reward, is what makes a person good at what they do. I have been able to take a sad and scary experience of people going through the tragic news of cancer, and making it just another life experience for a patient.

Being able to put a smile on a face of someone who is struggling with emotions and fears, is a wonderful gift that I feel I have. And with that, makes me good at what I do. I have seen myself grow a great deal in these last few years as a medical assistant. I have become more passionate, more understanding and more loving as a person. My goal in life is to now grow in my career. I would like to have the opportunity to give my all and become the best that I can in what I do. Becoming a Medical Transcriber is going to allow me to accomplish my life goals of having a wonderful family and also a wonderful career. Yes, many women have families and careers outside there home. However, if I have the opportunity, the desire and the ability to have a family and be able to work from home, then I think that is an exciting accomplishment in itself. I do hope I am given the opportunity to do what I love and given the opportunity to accomplish my goal in life.

Acne Free Sensitive Cleanser

Risks connected to Yaz include anxiety, convulsions, chills, severe or sudden headaches, loss of vision, nervousness, numbness in fingertips, feeling warm, slurring of speech, ringing from the ears, sudden loss of consciousness, pain during the entire body and loss of coordination. If the cysts leave permanent scars, your dermatologist or perhaps a cosmetic surgeon is able to do procedures like microdermabrasion, laser therapy or soft tissue fillers to minimize their appearance. Acai berry treatments may be valuable in treating acne. Acne can flare up during hormone changes at puberty. Chasteberry, considered a mainstay in the alternative treatment treatment of reproductive tract disorders, menstrual complaints and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), may very well be useful when you are treating your acne. Intestinal bacteria may be involved in acne, in line with a survey published from the journal Gut Pathogens in January 2011. If you feel that eggs are generating your acne worse, try cutting them from your diet for 4 to 6 months to determine if it is important.

Acne can appear in the event the skin is dry which increases sebum, or oil, production. Oftentimes, the observed dryness can be a complication of harsh, drying chemicals within commercial products such as cleansers and moisturizers, in accordance with the Acne Resource Center. Observe the times when you touch your facial skin or pick at pimples. You may well be touching your face more often than you might think by resting your skin on your hand, rubbing your chin or forehead or talking on the phone. Other times, you will feel a compulsive have to pick sores and squeeze pimples. Women also tend to get acne during the same areas often when their hormones are most active, such as before menstruation, while pregnant, and stressful periods. A 3-ounce piece of cooked oysters contains a whopping 493 percent of the daily value of zinc; 3 ounces of beef chuck roast, 47 percent; 3 ounces of Alaska King crab, 43 percent; a 3/4-cup serving of fortified breakfast cereal, 25 %; and 3 ounces of lobster, 23 percent.

Always sanitize community exercise equipment with antibacterial wipes prior to using the device. Then, avoid touching your skin and employ a towel to mop up sweat as opposed to hands. Severe cystic acne could lead to scarring of the epidermis. Doctors reduce the look of scars by making use of laser treatments, microdermabrasion, dermabrasion and chemical peels to take off damaged layers of skin. Treatment for deep scars involves filling the affected area with skin fillers. It can be possible to overdose on Accutane. Should you experience symptoms like vomiting, dizziness, shortage of coordination or headache after taking Accutane, seek immediate medical attention. Can Honey and Cinnamon Heal Acne? Honey and water hold numerous advantages for acne-affected skin. Based on the University of Texas Health Science Center, honey is rich compounds that will help create an environment where bacteria cannot survive useful source http://www.nectarcluster.eu/. Skin consists of proteins; acne-assailant papain stops working and removes damaged keratin proteins without harming healthy tissue. The exfoliating enzyme unclogs pores by dissolving dry, old skin debris.

While acne cases are not considered a standard characteristic of a dairy allergy, food allergy reactions might cause inflammation on the skin, ultimately causing the increased chance of acne. The Mayo Clinic explains it can be commonly helped by chemicals for instance benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, lactic acid, resorcinol or salicylic acid. However, there are also some natural remedies that will reduce or eliminate acne without applying harsh products. This is applicable for some other toxins that people want to eliminate likewise, so ensure you are eating your fiber so the body can’t bring the garbage in. Eat Your Brassica Vegetables Woman cutting veggies Use Warm Water to Wash Your Skin In line with skin treatment therapist Katrina Fadda, the fruit’s papain enzyme encourages cell turnover, helping fade acne marks quicker. For those who don’t have papaya handy, use pineapple or kiwi. A Lemon-Scented Followup Lemon juice lightens skin.

You can buy quite a few acne preparations over-the-counter, and there are some available by prescription to help you to manage acne, but sometimes you desire a more natural approach. One option for clearing your sensitive skin could be rose hip oil. Rose hip oil is cultivated in the rose bush. To help make the tea, don’t boil the leaves themselves. of rooibos tea leaves per 8 oz. of water and pour boiling water over them. Allow leaves steep for at least a few minutes, and preferably 10. The tea could possibly be consumed cold or hot, but preferably unsweetened. In accordance with “Foundations of Nursing,” the parts of the body which happen to have skin touching skin and so are frequently dark and commonly sweaty, such as the buttocks, are given to acne. Acne on the buttocks can be irritating and painful, yet it is preventable with consistent and proper healthy skin care. Polycystic ovary syndrome raises your risk for serious medical conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, it causes unsightly facial and the entire body hair growth as well as severe acne and infertility.

Knoebels Amusement Resort is a perfect vacation for families

For my high school graduation my oldest sister, Linda, her husband Dickie and their two daughters Inez and Faith, took me on vacation with them. Those 3 weeks turned out to be one of the most memorable vacations I ever had: www.luxury-resort-guide.com/north-america/knoebels-amusement-resort. Linda, Sissy to the family, was not only my sister but one of my closest friends. Dickie had been part of my life as long as Sissy had. He was a Baptist minister and our church was his first permanent church, which he happened to start at the year I was born. Inez, their oldest daughter was only 5 years younger than me. Faith, the youngest, was 2 years younger than Inez. She would sometimes hang out with us, but mostly stayed to herself.

Our first week of vacation we stayed at their house, visiting the theme park close by, going to the mall and just having fun. The second week we went to Cherokee NC. We spent most of the time by the pool. Each evening Inez and I would walk up the road to get cheeseburgers. There was nothing really eventful that week. Just time to have fun and spend time together. The motel we stayed in was small but nice. Sissy and Dickie had stayed there every summer for years and the owner knew them by name.

The last week we were supposed to spend at the beach in Nags Head NC. We had been there two days and had decided to go do some fishing. As we walked out of our ocean front room I had noticed two things. The maids cart about three doors down and the guy standing outside our room. He was dressed in shorts and a tank top, not unlike anyone else. The thing that caught my attention the most were his blue eyes with his red hair. As soon as we got settled on the beach, Inez remembered something sh had forgotten and ran back to get it. Sissy and Dickie did some fishing , without any luck. When Inez got back, Faith, her and I just walked looking to see what we could find.

Later that evening Inez and I convinced everyone that room service was a good idea. Mainly because we were watching a movie and didn’t want to go out anywhere. Dickie asked Inez to hand him his wallet so he could pay for it when it got there. When he opened it, it was empty.

Plastic Table Covers Can be Attractive and Cost Effective


There is a perception that dining table covers don’t attract a lot of attention. Hence, some people don’t normally put in much effort while choosing them. But, good table covers might in fact set the atmosphere right for a party. A table cover is far more than just a sheet of cloth lying on the table. A table cover will say quite a lot about your tastes. There are generally no limits to the actual sort of table covers you can choose. There are plastic table covers that happen to be readily obtainable nowadays. They are generally deemed as cheap ones. This isn’t the case with all of the plastic ones. Some of them would be really gorgeous and wouldn’t look like cheap plastic at all. For some people, plastic table covers are not just low-priced but they also turn out to be cost effective.

If you are an online shopaholic then you definitely might be able to purchase wonderful plastic tablecloths online at very competitive prices. You can even get branded ones too. You may want to search around on the internet for some discount coupons while shopping online. Plastic table covers usually are very tough. They are quite durable in spite of the fact that they can be obtained for cheap prices. They are also quite easy to maintain. Solid colors like red, blue, green also tend to look livelier on plastic table covers.

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Sets Under 20 dollars

Exchanging gifts during holiday season is a tradition that has taught us sharing, giving among the loved ones, family members, friends and neighbors. These holiday gift sets mentioned below will make anyone who receives it, extremely happy. The cost is so reasonable that it will hardly dampen your budget. Just check out the items below and choose one for each one in the family and they will love to get these as presents.

Tan Embossed Leather Journal – Lined – A beautiful writing pad with heavy stock papers that are acid free and are a joy to write on. The cover is made from flexible and very soft genuine leather. A tan embossed Leather Journal Diary is a holiday gift under $20 that makes this unique item even more attractive. A beautiful golden embossing “journal” on its cover makes it look classy and sophisticated.

Smooth Beaded 4×6 Picture Photo FrameThis fine silver plated picture frame is a perfect gift for the home. Very moderately priced for its style and class. This beaded frame has a true look of sterling and the effect is long lasting too. Each of it is intricately designed to exhibits that beauty and unique effect. The glass plate front and butter-soft velvet backing accentuates the appeal of this attractive photo frame. A fine gift under 20dollars this Christmas.

5 x 7 Picture / Photo Frame, Brown BurlThis frame is made from imported wood, and is finished with a glossy lacquer. The Burl photo frame can be placed horizontally and vertically. Smooth velvet backing with French tab closures make it superbly easy to open and close this frame many times. This will keep your memories safe and beautiful always. A great Holiday gift under $20.

Pink Embossed Hearts Leather Journal Diary, Lined, 6×8″This hand made writing Journal is a beauty. The color pink with hearts embossed all over is a perfect little gift for a sweet girl in the family. The Writing paper is acid free heavy stock ivory paper that is pleasure to write on.

Fine keepsakes indeed have thoughtfully designed these holiday gift sets for all of you, keeping in mind all age groups of people. Exclusive items for men and women. Each of the items here is sure to spread smiles and joy across to whoever receives it. These are ideal present for all of your people whom you love and want to present something exclusive, yet within the budget.  

Bora Bora all inclusive resorts also offer a great beach experience

Bounded by the Sterling Highway on the east, the Vlamingh Memorial on the south, the North Street to the north and the Indian Ocean in the west, the Cottlesloe region today is certainly a major attraction for many and is also a perfectly interesting shopping area too. Come to Luxury Resort Guide to discover the region in full details. With a limited population the area offers a great sight for all those come to visit this part of the world.

Beach Luxury at Cottlesloe
The Cottlesloe is a lovely image of the years that have shown the history of Perth. There are so many activities of the community of the Perth region here that the tourist is sure to enjoy here. This is a very popular place for all beach cricket lovers. There is an ocean way that permits the cyclists and the pedestrians to move along the beaches in a great manner. In fact in the year 2009, Lonely Planet named this beach the second best beach for all the families. The Cottlesloe town is one area which has some of the best sights and also offers a great beach experience.

Today Perth is a landmark destination for all those who wish to travel the history of 100 years here. There is a spirit of solitude here and the energy is unmistakable. A perfect spot to relax, the tranquil ambience beckons people to come here, and bask in the glory of the sands here. With the surfers, beachgoers and the holidaymakers having their share of fun, the Cottlesloe beach is sure to give you the best beach tours ever. The travellers get completely enchanted by the spectacular view that is a great part of the beach here and also the sinks that lie behind the Rottnest Island . As the tourists are taken into the Indian Ocean ambience, this is one land that is sure to leave you asking for more. So come here and enjoy the beach, the food and beer and experience the lovely feeling of being in the Verandah Bar and the beer bar. This has the dubious distinction of being the best pub in Perth. This is the ideal place where one can taste the best bottled beers in the world and the menu here is irresistible. So enjoy the seafood and the equally lip smacking Rottnest Island. There are scallops here which are very tender during the season and of course you also have the grilled steaks which are a major part f the tours here.